Monday, October 8, 2012

Lunch Meeting - 8 October 2012

Lunch meeting today was a full house. The Rotary Club of Queenstown had a visiting Rotarian from Canada so we did our toast to the rotary club furthest away from Singapore.

Past President Dave Tang gave an account of the Oktoberfest annual event with Simei Care Centre; RCQS Oktoberfest @ Simei Care Centre with lovely pictures on the overhead projector to show the happy event with more than twenty Rotarians from RCQ and many Rotaractors performing, helping out in the entertainment and dishing out the food at the centre.

Past President Erich Schneider came forward to inform all RCQ of our past member, fellow rotarian and Past President Lothar Till and Marianne whom he met whilst on holiday in Switzerland. Their holiday even brought them to past member Dr. Peter Hugger and his wife Vasantha at their home in Uerikon along the lake of Zuerich in Switzerland.

The highlight for the lunch meeting was new Rotarian Lois Blanc giving his classification talk. Most interesting with fascinating pictures of food. Thank you for the talk.

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