Monday, June 10, 2013

RCQ Lunch Meeting - Monday 10 June 2013

This is one of the last meetings of the rotary year for President To Chee Kan, Rotary Club of Queenstown before the new President, Hans Jaeger takes on the post as President Officially from July 2013.

Wan Yee Lam a graduate with a double first gave a presentation to the rotary club to seek a scholarship to ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institue of Technology), one of the finest Universities
in the World.
President Elect Hans Jaeger spoke on how the new "Global Grant" application works and how best to assist in Yee Lam's flight.

Guest speaker, double first graduate Wan Yee Lam speaking on her focus and speciality should she qualify for the rotary scholarship.

DGE Chew Kim Bok of RC Bugis Junction Singapore visited the Rotary Club of Queenstown

 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars from Russia

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