Message from Rotary International District 3310 District Governor

Message from District Governor 2021-2022 

Dear President Rene d’Avezac and members of the Board of Directors, 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pen my thoughts in your club 's installation magazine which I am greatly honoured. Allow me to congratulate you and your board of directors for taking up the leadership roles of the club especially during this challenging time of the COVID19 pandemic. I am glad that the pandemic did not hold you back in any way to serve and lead the club. How I wish I can be in Singapore during the occasion of your club installation on the 19th of June. I really look forward to meeting all of you again and enjoy having the usual breakfast with some of your club members. However, looking at the situation, this seems unlikely to happen soon. As I mentioned in my Governor Banquet's speech, my dream has been shattered by this pandemic but not my heart because of the strong Rotary spirit in me. I am sure this goes the same with you too. We are in one big family of Rotary. The flame of our Rotary spirit keeps on burning motivating us to reach out to our community in needs despite the challenges facing us. I recall our Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta’s guiding mantra “Do more and grow more”. Friends, “Do more” as in bigger and impactful service projects, and “grow more” as increasing our membership and expanding the participation. As one of the vibrant clubs in our District, I am confident that with such guiding mantra, you will continue to excel in your community projects, your generous contributions to The Rotary Foundation and will continue to provide that strong continuous support to the District community services as well as in its many organised activities and functions. I wish to congratulate Immediate Past President Sanford Chee and his team for a great year of service despite the pandemic. The community that they have served are appreciative of them. I wish you all the best and together as a team we have the power and the magic to change lives. Let us be motivated, inspired and encouraged to grow more to do more. 

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