Message from Rotary International District 3310 District Governor

Message from Rotary International District 3310  
District Governor 2018-19
Henry Tan, Rotary Club of Singapore West

To The Rotary Club of Queenstown

Thank you for giving me the honour to pen a message in connection with your Club’s Installation event. I like to take this opportunity to wish incoming President Jeyan Nadarajah, his team and all your members a successful RY 2018-19.

Each year Rotary International will want us to focus on certain avenues of services and activities. For RY2018-19, the key area of focus concerns membership growth. The Rotary movement worldwide stands at a cross road. We are facing a membership structure which is aging on one hand and the emergence of a new generation on the other hand. The lifestyle of this generation is shaped by IT and social media resulting in a different set of values.  Membership is the core asset of our movement. Without membership growth, Rotary will soon fade away. In terms of number, I noted that your Club is among the bigger clubs in our District. Nevertheless, I like to encourage you to continue to recruit new members especially younger ones. Do make use of social media to engage the younger generation. Better still, explore ways to help the District give birth to a new club.

Another area of focus is Youth. Rotary International President Barry Rassin, is encouraging us to build more Rotaract Clubs which are community-based. I noted that you have 2 Rotaract clubs already. This is good. You can still help the 2 clubs increase the number of Rotaractors. By growing and developing them we are helping to ensure the good future of Rotary and our world.

Rotary International also wants us to increase the scale of our service projects and also to work with other clubs. A bigger scale project will help Rotary to gain greater visibility and publicity. It is good to know that your Club has collaborated with the Rotary Club of Bandung Kota Kembang in building a new wing for a school in Garut, West Jaya, Indonesia. Do continue to carry out such joint-project.

We now live in an age in which 
the rapid advancement in technology is disrupting our lives and even organizations such as ours. I urge all Rotarians in our District to allow our mindset to be quickly transformed so that we can be better prepared to meet rapid changes. Be receptive to new ideas and new ways of doing Rotary activities. Do look into creative ways in engaging the younger members. Make good use of Rotary’s IT platform My Rotary and Club Central.
While you are actively undertaking service projects please continue to organize fellowship events. You are already active in fellowship events. One of my objectives is also to strengthen smaller clubs. Being a bigger club you can help us to initiate joint-fellowship with the smaller clubs in Singapore so as to cheer them on to a higher level. In such joint-fellowship, I encourage you to invite prominent people or even good speaker from your community to come together to celebrate a Rotary event. Small clubs may not be able to do this. 

Finally, I like to encourage all of you to be guided by Rotary’s new Vision Statement which says “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change --- across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves”. By being united among ourselves and by uniting with others, we will be more effective in reaching out to others and to carry out projects and activities that will have a longer lasting impact.

May your Rotary year be filled with exciting events, activities and projects that will inspire others.

Henry Tan
District Governor 2018-19

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