Message from Rotary International District 3310 District Governor

Message from Rotary International District 3310  
District Governor 2020-21
Rajamohan Munisamy

Dear President Sanford Chee and his Board of Directors, 

It is my pleasure to congratulate each of you for stepping up to continue serving your esteemed Rotary Club of Queenstown in the coming Rotary year 2020-2021. 

I am confident you will have a busy and rewarding year. At every stage in our lives, Rotary has something for each of us. From the moment we became Rotarians, the work of Rotary service was open to us – and it became our obligation to choose how best to serve. Rotary has always been a place for visionaries, those who see how things could be and define a path toward making their dreams a reality. 

Our vision statement “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves” exemplifies this. Our actions can make the difference between an unmet need and a hope fulfilled. By acting with integrity in our Rotary service, we exhibit a bountiful heart which underscores our commitment to making our world better than before. 

New club presidents and new members alike may at times grow discouraged when program participation does not bring immediate results. Our investment in service may not appear fruitful at first and we may become overwhelmed by the number of service options. Take heart. Consider carefully 6 what needs can be met, what Rotary program option are available and how club and community resources can be combined. Taking one step at a time is often the key ingredient to long-standing success. 

Participation in the program of Rotary marks that one vital step closer to fulfilling our vision. In Rotary, as in so much else in life, the more you invest, the better your return. It is an incredibly exciting year to be a Rotarian, and to be a Rotary Officer. 

I am confident you, your Board of Directors and your members will continue to strengthen Rotary in your region embracing the new Rotary Strategic Plan which is underpinned by four key priorities – to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participation engagement, and increase our ability to adapt. The more Rotarians are engaged in Rotary service, the more we all realize what we can achieve through Rotary – and our potential knows no limits. 

I wish you a fulfilling year as “Rotary Opens Opportunities”. 


Rajamohan Munisamy District Governor 2020-2021 

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