Message from President

Message from René d’Avezac de Moran 
President 2021-2022 

Dear friends and fellow Rotarians: 

This is the second year we are affected by COVID-19. Hardship remains, it evolves, it first hit some of us hard at the start of the movement restrictions and now the long wait for more freedom is taking its toll on all of us. We start the year coming out of a second and unexpected Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period. We don't know if and when another such period will happen. As a club we were quite resilient under the leadership of President Sanford, his relentless energy infused so many projects despite the difficulties forbidding us to meet in big groups. This year we need to solidify this newly acquired modus operandi: better we plan for the worst. We know how to be a thriving club when not restricted, we have discovered we could still be successful under COVID restrictions, we now need to make this a habit and think slightly longer term. Our first weekly meetings will be online only. When we can meet in large groups again, then we should still allow for online members and friends to join the meetings. And in every activity we do in the future we should try to systematically cater for our friends who are unable to join us but nevertheless want to participate, all our events must be planned to be hybrid. This year’s Rotary theme is “serve to change lives”, we will all need our imagination and spirit of innovation to find opportunities to serve the community around us despite the constrains on movement and group gathering due to COVID-19. I would like to follow our Rotary global team injunction to planning projects timed accordingly to the Rotary / UN calendar. This aims to improve Rotary Public Image efforts worldwide. The Rotary monthly themes are as follows and we have already planned a few activities within these themes, I invite all members to add their suggestions to the plan, you will find it on our online RCQ database here: 

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