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Our Organization
Club Officers - Rotary Year 2017-18

Board Members:

President:                                   Agnes Kwek, PHF
Vice President:                           PP Hans Jaeger, PHF
President Elect :                        Jeyan Nadarajah, PHF
Immediate Past President:        Sabrina Schwarz, PHF
Secretary:                                  Sandford Chee, MD Level1
Treasurer:                                  Donny Liu, PHF
Sergeant-At-Arms:                     Adrian Cowell, PHF
Chair, Club Administrations:      Lena Joensson Winter
Chair, Membership:                   Sissy Hyun Park, PHF
Chair, Public Relations:             Denise Wong Lei Ling, PHF
Chair, Service Projects              Dr. Giulia Mennillo
Chair, The Rotary Foundation:  Valentin Wolf Schill0, MD Level 3

Service Directors
International Service                 Michael Dietrich, PHF
Community Service                  Sydney Yeung Kin Bond, MD Level1
Vocational Service                    Onnah Liew, PHF
Youth Service

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  1. Hi

    Greetings from Rotary Bangalore Lakeside!

    To introduce myself, I am Community services director and Secretary elect of Rotary Bangalore Lakeside. My husband Mr. Usman Ashraf Ali (Treaurer of the club) am currently in Singapore and am available till 18th of this month. We would like to attend a meeting for a fellowship. Kindly revert back to me on 84048055.




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